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Replace Your Roof Before It Fails

Roof replacement is a critical home maintenance item, your roof is the first line of protection for your home against the weather. We provide the information you need to make informed decisions in the roof replacement process. SSR Roofing performs roof replacements for retail and insurance claim situations due to wind and hail.

Our Process For Roof Replacement

Roof Inspection

Everything starts with the roof inspection. We must first properly assess the current condition of your roof and support structure. Our staff will then present the findings to you and discuss options for proceeding as a retail or insurance claim replacement.

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Estimate Acceptance / Claim Approval

Depending on whether your roof replacement is going to be retail or an insurance claim, we will provide you a quote for your approval or begin the process of communicating with the insurance adjuster to aide in your claim being approved as fast as possible.

Schedule and Build

After all, approvals are obtained, we then schedule your roof replacement in Alpharetta, Holly Springs, Cumming, or another of the areas where we serve. This step will consist of material choice, color selection and confirming delivery dates of materials needed for job. We then remove your existing roof and install your beautiful new roof, making sure every detail is addressed and your property is left spotless.

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Recent Roof Replacements


SSR Roofing Specializes in


SSR Roofing will remove your existing roof and install your strong beautiful new roof, while insuring that every detail is addressed and your property is left spotless.


SSR Roofing makes use of the latest technology, including drones and AI software, to inspect for damage and document the condition of your roof.


SSR Roofing will communicate with your insurance company to aide in the approval of your claim. Providing the proper documentation of damages is critical, let our experts make this process easy.


SSR Roofing is experienced at identifying roof damage due to wind and hail. Some of this damage may be obvious, but many times a large portion of this damage is more subtle and can be easily overlooked. Identifying and documenting all of the damage to your roof is critical to any insurance claim.

Why Choose

SSR Roofing

SSR Roofing takes the time to properly assess your roof and provide you with all of the information you need to be comfortable with the experience of replacing your roof. Whether you have storm damage or are replacing your roof because it is beyond its useful life, SSR Roofing will guide you through the process.

Check out our testimonial section to see what our previous customers have said about their experience working with SSR Roofing on their roof replacement. We strive to ensure all our customers have a 5-star experience and we do not consider a job complete until our customers are 100% satisfied.

For an insurance roof replacement, the property owner is responsible to pay their deductible and any other items that are conditions of their policy, the insurance company pays the balance.

For a retail roof replacement, the cost is based on the size of the roof, the complexity of the roof, and the roofing products selected by the customer.

Cost of Roof Replacement