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Roof Inspection in Georgia

A quality roof inspection in Georgia is the key to understanding the condition of your roof, revealing how likely a successful insurance claim for a full roof replacement is or how much useful life your roof still has. Both situations provide you the information you need to make an informed decision. We are here to help you make the best decision for your current situation, not to just sell you a roof.

Roof Inspection

How Much Does a Roof Inspection Cost?

SSR Roofing performs Holly Springs, Milton, Canton, or Alpharetta roof inspections for storm damage, general condition, and useful life remaining, at no cost to you. Call us today at (404) 882-8500 or submit the contact form and we will respond ASAP.

Why Choose

SSR Roofing

We provide an inspection you can trust. Utilizing the latest in technology, SSR Roofing performs an initial drone inspection to fully document your roof before anyone gets on your roof. This offers peace of mind that the condition of your roof is documented before anyone gets up on your roof.

Check out our testimonial section to see what our previous customers have said about their experience working with SSR Roofing on their roof replacement. We strive to ensure all our customers have a 5-star experience and we do not consider a job complete until our customers are 100% satisfied.

Our Process For Roof Inspection

Drone Inspection and Physical Inspection

With SSR Roofing, everything starts with the drone inspection, we will image your entire roof before anyone ever gets on your roof. This documents the condition of your roof first, then if one of our roofing professional needs to physically get on your roof, you can feel secure about having your roof condition documented before anyone has touched it.

Roof Inspection
SSR roofing
Document Images and Produce Report

SSR Roofing will review the drone images and highlight any adverse conditions of your roof by documenting any storm damage, useful life remaining and general condition. We then produce a detailed report to review with you.

Inspection Report Review

SSR Roofing will then schedule an appointment with you to have an in-person review of the inspection report produced on your roof. During the review we will detail the results documented concerning any storm damage present, useful life remaining and general condition. We can then discuss options and possible courses of action. We are here to help you make informed decisions concerning your roof.

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